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Civil Cases

civil cases lawyer
If you are looking for civil case lawyers in Faisalabad Ali & Associates is a place where the civil cases in Pakistan are dealt by extremely professional and expert civil case lawyers in Faisalabad. Our civil case lawyers in Pakistan are the best lawyers in the world where all the legal cases in Pakistan are dealt with due care and intelligence. Our civil lawyers in Faisalabad have a complete grip on the complete civil laws in Pakistan and they have a complete grip on the civil procedure code in Pakistan. All our expert lawyers in Pakistan know the civil procedure in Pakistan and they also know how to use the civil procedure in Pakistan according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our experts precede the cases by keeping in mind the case laws of Supreme Court of Pakistan and case laws of Faisalabad high court and other higher courts in Pakistan. Our civil case lawyers in Faisalabad Pakistan protects and safeguards the civil rights of our clients. Ali & Associates is the best place for all your cases of civil nature. If you have any civil issues which includes the damages, recovery of property, recovery of money or any issue in which your right as a civilian is infringed and you are in a search of civil case lawyer in Faisalabad then you can contact Ali & Associates as we safeguards the rights of clients best in the interest of our clients. Ali & Associates have done thousands of cases as per civil case law in Faisalabad and amongst the civil case lawyers in Faisalabad we have the best legal team. We try to finish the civil cases as soon as possible and get it disposed of through the court on urgent basis and our clients have not to wait for long time period to get the decision of the civil court in Faisalabad Pakistan.
Property cases lawyer
One of the major legal issue in Pakistan is Property issues. A person saves money for all his life just to purchase property but unfortunately whole of his money gets wasted when a legal issue related to that property comes up in Pakistan so it is very much suggested to contact a property case lawyer before you sell or purchase a property because a property case lawyer in Pakistan will save you from all kinds of frauds related to the property. Advocate Ali Shahzad is the best lawyer for property cases in Faisalabad Pakistan who can be contacted for all legal issues related to the property which includes any fraud with property or alienation or transfer of property in Faisalabad Pakistan. Advocate Ali Shahzad is the top property lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan. When any fraud happens with the property then the aggrieved party have two remedies available. One is civil remedy and the other is criminal. Normally when any fraud happens with the property in Pakistan the aggrieved party go for an FIR and if bail is granted, then the aggrieved party thinks that it’s all over but this is not the end. Bail is a temporary relaxation to the accused that he may not be put behind the bars till the conclusion of trial. The aggrieved party is strongly suggested to contest the complete trial and at the same time file a civil case of recovery of amount. In trial the accused will get punishment for what he has done and in recovery case the aggrieved party will get the amount delivered to the accused. Anyone can contact Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates for the lawyer for property cases in Faisalabad and can avail the services of Advocate Ali Shahzad who is a best lawyer for property cases in Faisalabad Pakistan. If any party needs any stay order or injunction whether temporary or permanent can also contact our property lawyer in Faisalabad Advocate Ali Shahzad who is one of the best property lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan
Dowry articles and Personal belongings of wife is also a property so our law firm can also be contacted for the recovery of dowry articles in Faisalabad Pakistan. Pakistan marriage law is very clear and makes sure the recovery of dowry articles as per the Pakistan marriage law.
Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates can also be contacted if you wish to gift / transfer / lease / Rent /  Sale / Exchange / Mortgage or transfer the property by any other mode.
Property of deceased cannot be sold by the legal heir unless it’s been transferred in the name of legal heirs. When a person dies leaving behind a property then the first step for the legal heirs is to file a suit for declaration in the civil court. The civil court will declare that who are the legal heirs of the property and will also declare their shares. Once the legal heirs gets a decree from court then they can transfer the property in their own name and sell it. Without declaring from the court that they are legal heirs of the deceased property and without declaring their shares in the property the legal heirs cannot sell the property.

consumer cases lawyer
There was a time in the world where consumers had no right but today in the era of industrialization consumers are given many rights and privileges. Pakistan recently have passed consumer protection act 2005 and consumer protection rules 2009 for protecting the rights of consumers. Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates can provide you the best consumer court Lawyer and Advocate Ali is the best consumer court Lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan

Consumer court in Faisalabad and in all over Pakistan disposes of the cases summarily and quick relief is given by the court and unlike other courts in Pakistan consumer court in Faisalabad and Pakistan finishes the cases on a rapid speed and safeguards the consumer rights in Pakistan.
Procedure of consumer courts in Pakistan is different than the other courts in Pakistan for the reason that the consumer courts deals with a specific law related to the consumers only. Consumers have the right to get receipt of the products purchased and it is the duty of the seller to give receipts to the buyers. Not giving a receipt to the buyer is a crime itself and to file a case in consumer court by a consumer that with the case the customer have to attach the receipt however if don’t have the receipt or the receipt by the seller was not given then along with the case the consumer will also file a complain that there receipt was deliberately not given to him by the seller which is a separate offence and a separate charge sheet against the seller.
The procedure of consumer act also says that before filling a case by the consumer against the seller the consumer have to give a legal notice in writing to the seller in which he have to mention his grievance and claim the damages or any other thing which he think appropriate. The legal notice to be sent will be through a lawyer duly attested by him and in this legal notice the consumer will also give the seller a time of 14 days to accept his claim or to reply in writing.
The good thing about the consumer laws are that the consumer courts while granting the relief to the customers not only provide the relief to the customers but also get the customers the legal fee of the lawyer and legal expenses spent by the customer in the litigation and in this way the customer not only gets his claim but also the lawyers fee and other expenses. When the court orders to the seller to provide the customer any relief or pay the customer any amount then in case of default by the seller he is sent to the jail by the consumer courts in Pakistan still if money is unpaid by the seller then the consumer court order to confiscate his property and have it auction and then give the collected amount to the consumer.
Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is the best in field of consumer cases and Advocate Ali Shahzad among the other lawyers is the best lawyer for consumer cases in Faisalabad Pakistan. Our law firm have dealt with hundreds of consumer cases in Faisalabad against huge companies and large brands and Advocate Ali Shahzad is the best consumer court lawyer in Faisalabad so if you are looking for a consumer court Lawyer in Faisalabad, You can call us

corporate lawyer in faisalabad
The increasing corporate sector in Pakistan have invited the Government to impose strict rules and penalties. Company registration in Pakistan gives the company a legal entity so until your company is not registered in Pakistan your company have no legal entity at all and non registration of company in Pakistan is itself a crime. Heavy penalties are imposed nowadays in Pakistan if your firm is not registered. Even after the registration the liability of the company is not over still there is much more to do specially the returns of the company needs to be filed in time. Tax of company is paid only on the taxable amount and if the revenue does not exceed the taxable amount then the returns of company are filed as null but there is no exemption to filing of returns. Among the best corporate lawyers in Faisalabad Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates provides the best corporate lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan for all types of company registration in Pakistan and handles the company registration procedure in Pakistan with due care & diligence. So if you are searching for a corporate lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan then you can contact us to hire a corporate lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan

For the firm registration in Pakistan also you are free to contact Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates as we are an expert in registration of firms in Pakistan. Firm registration in Pakistan is the registration of partnership which means at least two people are required as partners for the registration of firms. Firm registration in Punjab Pakistan is much easier as compared to the company registration and the registration process completes very quickly. As compared to company registration very less formalities are required for the registration of firm.
If you are looking for any license to operate your business then do contact Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates as we can also get you a license to operate your business such as call center license, Food license, Manufacturing license, Import export license etc. Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is the best in the market to get you the license at fair rates and within time so that you can operate your business with legal authority.
Many major and multinational companies are working with Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates and our law firm have completed the registration process for them and got them the necessary licenses and today they are huge in revenue and gained much repute all over the world.
NTN or National Tax Number is very important. NTN can be individual or business. For the firm registration all the partners need to have an individual NTN followed by Firm NTN. For Company also all the directors should have individual NTN followed by the company NTN.
For all types of corporate cases you can contact Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates for the solution of all corporate cases which includes income tax , Banking court cases, Taxation matters, Joint venture, Insolvency, Patent rights, Business issues, Trade mark, Intellectual property, Copy rights etc. Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is the solution for all your legal business issues so you can contact Advocate Ali Shahzad the CEO of Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates directly and have all your issues resolved in time and fair prices.
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Right for court marriage procedure in Pakistan of male and female of his or her own choice is a fundamental right and Pakistani laws provide complete legal protection to the spouse who comes for court marriage in Pakistan.  Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is a pioneer law firm which provides legal services in terms of court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan and other cities of Pakistan. We also deal in foreign marriage in Pakistan and provide services to Pakistani Nationals / Foreign Nationals who wishes to marry in Pakistan or get their marriage registered in Pakistan. By law the marriage in Pakistan is a civil contract between husband and wife. Therefore the registration of court marriage in necessary and its non registration is considered to be a crime. We can get your court marriage registered and provide you with the marriage certificate in Pakistan as soon as one hour. The court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan takes about 2 to 3 hours and a complete legal protection is also …