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Family case

Nowadays trend of family cases are increasing and increasing family cases in Pakistan requires an experienced family lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan who is an expert in all fields of family cases. Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates in Faisalabad Pakistan is the best law firm in Faisalabad Pakistan in terms of family cases.  Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is headed by Advocate Ali Shahzad and is the best lawyer in Pakistan. Pakistani people in family cases requires privacy and Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates in Faisalabad Pakistan provides complete privacy and secrecy of all the family cases this is the reason our law firm is the best in the city and people trust on us and this trust had made Advocate Ali Shahzad the best family lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan among all the other family lawyers in Faisalabad Pakistan.
Family cases includes court marriage, Divorce, Maintenance, Custody, Conjugal rights cases and we by the grace of Allah Al Mighty are the best in the field of law and are the best law firm in Pakistan which deals in all family cases. Our law firm Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates in Faisalabad Pakistan have till now dealt with thousands of family cases and the success ratio of our firm and Advocate Ali Shahzad is 100% as we know how to achieve the goal and the target and  how the demands of our clients can be fulfilled. Family lawyers in Faisalabad Pakistan have not only to keep the law and the procedure in mind but also have to keep in mind the client’s motive and requirements. Family cases are not only the test of your expertise but also the test of your nerves because two families are involved in these family cases.
Normally family cases are dealt by family courts which have the sole jurisdiction to try the cases related to the family cases. Family courts are not the same like civil or criminal courts. Family court have their own jurisdiction to try cases and they have there own law which empowers the family courts to try family cases in Pakistan and these family cases have there own rights and duties. Unlike civil and criminal cases family courts does not take lot of time to dispose of the case. In the simple words the family court provides speedy remedy and the cases are disposed of quickly for the reason that the law itself empowers the family court to provide speedy justice to the clients.
Advocate Ali Shahzad is the top family lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan who is well experienced in family cases as He not even know the law and the procedure of family cases but he also know how to play with the nerves of the other party which is also an important tool in the practice of family cases and when a party is pressurized then sometimes you achieve the result which in normal condition was not possible . Please consult Advocate Ali Shahzad for all your family cases as He is the best lawyer in Pakistan.

Custody of children

One of the most closest relation is custody of children which both the mother and the father is never ready to give up. When the relationship of mother and father are not good or when they get divorced both the husband and the mother tries to get the custody of child. To claim the custody of children it is not necessary that the husband & wife should be divorced they can claim the custody even when they are not divorced. Custody of child can also be claimed by any one when he or she adopts the child.
Custody of child is claimed through filing a case in guardian court and only the guardian court in Pakistan have the jurisdiction to try the cases regarding custody of children. To have the child custody all you need to do is hire the services of a competent Advocate in Faisalabad Pakistan who will file a case of custody on your behalf in the guardian court and the guardian court will decide the case on merits after hearing all the parties which means both the husband and the wife or some other person who wishes to be the guardian of the child will have the right to file and contest the case. The one who files the case will also have to send notices to the other party and after receiving the notice the other party will appear in the court by appointing one of the advocates in Faisalabad Pakistan and contest the case by producing there evidences. Evidences are the important stage which decides the fate of the case.
The guardian court while deciding the case of custody the court will bear only one thing in mind which is the welfare of the child and after the evidence stage when your lawyer have given his arguments the court will which whether the welfare of the child is in giving the custody of child to the father or to give the custody to the mother or any other person claiming the custody. While deciding the case of custody there is a law of preference. As per law the mother have the preference of custody of child when the child is in tender age however if the mother have contracted second marriage and the father is single the right of preference is father of the child. If the mother and father both have contracted second marriage then once again the preference is of mother. However the preference does not means that the court is bound to follow the preference if the court on the basis of evidence is of the view that the welfare of the child is in giving the custody of child other than the preference then the court will decide the case accordingly. The term welfare is a huge term in case of welfare of child and is a wider term and many things are included in it and all those things which effects the child is considered as the welfare of child. Once the custody is provided by the court to anyone the court also provides guardian certificate in Pakistan. This guardian certificate in Pakistan is also necessary for the parents who want to take their children abroad. Without the guardian certificate FIA will not allow the parents to take their children abroad due to security reasons. If you are looking for an advocate in Faisalabad for custody matters please contact Advocate Ali Shahzad

Maintenance of wife

As per Muslim personal law it is the liability or duty of the husband to maintain her wife according to the means and financial status of the husband. Husband’s liability of maintenance of wife or maintenance of wives remains their even if the rukhsati of the wife has taken place or not. If the rukhsati of the wife has not taken place still maintenance of wife in Pakistan can be claimed by the wife because the husband is duty bound for the maintenance of wives or maintenance of wife in Pakistan. Husband is bound to pay monthly allowance to wife till the marriage remains intact even after the divorce the husband is bound to pay monthly allowance to wife till the period of iddat. Even if the wife is taking khula from the court still she can claim monthly maintenance from the court till the decree of khula is finalized till the period of iddat. The court in deciding the rate of maintenance in Pakistan check the financial condition of the husband. The much better the financial condition of the husband is proved ,The much better the monthly allowance is fixed by the court. The court which fixes the monthly amount for payment by husband to the wife also have the right to enforce its judgment. If in case the husband does not pay the monthly amount to the wife, The court will issue warrant to arrest the husband and will send the husband in jail if he fails to pay the amount any month.
In the case of maintenance If the husband is living abroad and cannot come to Pakistan then He will send a power of attorney to someone here in Pakistan and such power of attorney will continue the case and appear on his behalf in the court. If the husband is abroad and a monthly allowance is fixed by the court then the question here arises that How the money will be recovered from a husband who is not in Pakistan? The answer to this question is that initially the court will confiscate all the properties of husband in Pakistan and then sale it and recover the maintenance amount. Incase the husband don’t have any property in Pakistan then the court will write a letter to the Pakistani embassy or consulate abroad and ask them to depot the husband. Once the husband is deported, He will be arrested and sent to jail until the maintenance is paid.
The wife can not only ask the court for future maintenance from the husband but also demand past maintenance from court for all those period for which the husband failed to maintain the wife. For example if the wife is deserted from the house of husband three years back and the husband did not maintain the wife for last three years then the wife while filling the case will also demand the maintenance of last three years.
If you are looking to file or contest the case of maintenance then we can give you the services of Best attorney in Faisalabad Pakistan and the best barrister in Faisalabad Pakistan. So feel free to contact Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates as we have the Best attorney in Faisalabad Pakistan and the best barrister in Faisalabad Pakistan for all the cases of maintenance.

Maintenance of children

Children are the liability of father in Pakistan and the father in Pakistan is duty bound for the maintenance of children in Pakistan. Father cannot take any such plea that the mother is rich or the father have no means of income. Whether the father have the means of income or not or even if the father does not earn a single penny still maintenance of children in Pakistan is the duty of the father. Child have the right of basic necessities which includes food, cloth, shelter and education and the father have the duty to provide all these necessities father cannot say the court that the mother have means of income or cannot take a plea in the court that he cannot afford. Father is bound for the Maintenance of Children in Pakistan
The question here arises that how much will be the amount of maintenance that the father will pay to the child or children on monthly basis and what will be the mode of payment. The answer to these question are that there is no fix amount of money in law which says that this should be the monthly maintenance and it is up to the court to decide that what will be the monthly maintenance payable by the father. Court in deciding the maintenance will consider some of the basic things which is welfare of the child and the other is the income or source of income of the father. In the other words the more you prove the income of father the more will be the amount of maintenance. As far as the mode of maintenance is concerned the father will have to submit the monthly payment in the court unless both the parties agrees to submit in the bank account or the court directs otherwise.
Father of the child or children have to make the payment whether there is a divorce between husband and wife or not. Whatever there might be the reasons of divorce in Pakistan between the husband and the wife , The father is bound to pay the maintenance amount. The reasons of divorce in Pakistan does not affect the maintenance amount in Pakistan. Method of nikah in Pakistan also does not affects the maintenance case however if the method of nikah in Pakistan is in written form and the clauses of nikahnama are filled with heavy amount of haqmehar and maintenance of wife then this nikahnama can be used as evidence to prove that the husband is a wealthy person
For the maintenance the case is filed in the family court and children being minor cannot file case themselves against their father. They need a major person above 18 years to file the case. Normally the case of maintenance by the children are filed through their mother against the father of the children. A male child under 18 years gets maintenance till the age of majority which is 18 years. However a female child can get maintenance till she gets married. Once case is filed the applicant will not have to wait for payment till the final hearing or the disposal of case. The applicant will start getting interim maintenance till the final hearing of the case.
Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates have top lawyers of Pakistan for the maintenance cases and our top lawyers of Pakistan can solve your maintenance issues.

Nadra certificate

Nadra is a federal department of Pakistan which keeps and maintains the records of public which includes the record of marriage records, Death records, Birth records, Divorce records etc. All these records are confidentially kept and is not given to anyone except the concerned person or the close relative with authority. Nadra keeps the national data base of Pakistani citizens safe. We can assist you regarding the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan, Nadra marriage certificate in Pakistan, Nadra birth certificate in Pakistan, Nadra death certificate in Pakistan and can guide you how to get these certificates
1-Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan
2- Nadra marriage certificates
3- Nadra birth certificates
4- Nadra death certificates
5- Nadra id cards
Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan:– When the arbitration council have finished the proceedings of khula or talaq and once both the husband and wife have attended the proceedings after that the only Nadra divorce certificate from Pakistan can be issued. The minimum time for the proceedings of arbitration council is 3 months and there is no maximum limit of the proceedings provided. Even when the khula is taken by the wife from the court still she have to submit the khula decree in Arbitration council and the arbitration council will still conduct the proceedings of minimum 3 months. The procedure of Nadra divorce certificate is complicated and Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates will guide you how to get speedy remedy and we can get you the divorce certificate in no time. No one is considered to be divorced in Pakistan until & unless they have Nadra divorce certificate. Normally the husband after giving divorce on stamp paper to the wife thinks that now it’s all over but this is not the case. Husband and wife is considered to be husband and wife even after 50 years if they don’t have the divorce certificate. We make the procedure of Nadra divorce certificate easy for clients in Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis living abroad.
Nadra Marriage certificate in Pakistan:– After the marriage when the manual marriage certificate is registered then you can apply for a computerized marriage certificate in Pakistan which is very important in nature as when you apply for spouse visa or passport or when you are traveling abroad, the authorities will ask you for Nadra marriage certificate. For the overseas Pakistanis who also wanted to have
Nadra birth certificate in Pakistan:– Nadra maintains the birth certificate of the children and if you are looking to get a new Nadra birth certificate or if you need any change in the particulars of the birth certificate legally then you can contact us and we can get you the certificate in few days. Modifications in the birth certificate is possible but it should be done legally and Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is specialized in these kinds of issues.
Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is an expert in all kinds of issued related to Nadra and filed hundreds of cases against Nadra. So if you have any issue related to Nadra or Nadra certificates feel free to contact Advocate Ali Shahzad who is an expert in these issues. We can also guide you regarding Nadra certificates and get you in no time.
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