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Criminal Cases

criminal cases lawyer

Criminal cases

There are different stages of a criminal cases in Pakistan. Once an FIR is registered the first stage for an accused is the stage of bail which is temporary concession to an accused by the court in the shape of release of accused till the disposal of case. There are few grounds on which the bail is granted so it is very important to get the services of a competent criminal lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan who can get accused the bail so that he may not live behind the bar till the conclusion of trial. In Pakistan there are many types of bail but generally there are two types of bails which is post arrest and the other is pre-arrest bail. After an FIR if the accused gets arrested he can apply for post arrest bail and if he is not arrested he can apply for pre-arrest bail. Advocate Ali Shahzad is the best criminal lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan so please feel free to contact the best lawyer for criminal cases in Faisalabad  Pakistan.
One of the important issue nowadays is the registration of FIR. The law is that the investigation will start after the FIR but police officials illegally starts investigation before registering the FIR. If any police official is not registering an FIR on your application you can contact Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Azad the best defense lawyer in Faisalabad who will file a writ against the police officials to have your FIR registered.
After the registration of FIR the police starts investigation and submits it in the court through prosecution department after which the trial of the accused is initiated & the courts in Pakistan on the basis of evidences from both the sides and on the basis of police investigation will give it’s judgment and will either convict or release the accused. It is very important to get the services of the best defense attorney in Faisalabad Pakistan so that the accused be released.
Trial can directly be initiated in the court if a private complaint is filed in the court. The court will take cursory evidence and apply its conscious and judicial mind and if the court thinks that there are grounds of trial then the court will accept the private complaint and start the trial without registration of FIR. To file a private complaint you can contact Advocate Ali Shahzad the best lawyer for criminal cases in Faisalabad Pakistan.
Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is an expert in murder, kidnapping, abduction, anti narcotics, drugs, dacoity, robbery, theft, Pakistani constitutional cases, writ petitions, NAB, Fraud, ransom & all other cases. If you are from the accused or complainant side and need the services of defense lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan then you are at the right place & can freely contact Advocate Ali Shahzad the best defense attorney in Faisalabad Pakistan for bails, Trials, writs, private complaint, applications & all kinds of criminal cases in the court of magistrates, sessions court and High court of Faisalabad Pakistan So please call the best criminal lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan today for any legal issue
NAB Lawyers

Nab cases

National Accountability Bureau in Pakistan is very much active nowadays. Main purpose of the National Accountability Bureau is to investigate and prosecute against all those people who have done corruption or is involved in corrupt practices by the misuse and abuse of powers. For example if any one have taken kick backs or taken commission by malpractice and have made properties and lots of money the NAB will come in to action. Any person who have information against any such person involved in misuse or abuse of powers can complain NAB against such person. The NAB upon any such information will investigate and prosecute against such person. Any such person who have made properties or money by misuse or abuse of his powers or authority will be forfeited and taken back. All the properties whether in Pakistan or abroad all will be confiscated and for all those properties which are out of Pakistan the NAB will contact the officials abroad to have it sealed and the same rule is for the bank accounts and all other properties which the accused have gained wrongly. The properties does not only means the properties of the accused but also all those properties which the accused have got transferred in the name of his relatives or any other person or any benamidar properties and also the bank accounts of the person who manages the account of such person. Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates provides you the best NAB lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan
After the investigation by the NAB if the National Accountability Bureau think that the accused is not guilty then they will close the case and acquit the accused however if the NAB founds the person guilty then they will challan the accused in the court and such person can be punished for rigorous imprisonment of a term up to 14 years along with fine and all the assets will be freezed. Chairman NAB or any other officer of federal government of Pakistan can also request a foreign state to collect evidence against the accused or freeze the assets and during investigation or trail of NAB no one is authorized to transfer the property to someone else and in fact such a transfer is a crime and null and void.
Advocate Ali Shahzad is the best lawyer for NAB cases and is the best in Pakistan in dealing the NAB cases. We have lots of experience in handling the NAB cases and dealt with hundreds of NAB cases so if you are looking for a NAB lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan please feel free to contact Advocate Ali Shahzad and discuss your case with the best NAB lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan
One of our other services is family cases and we deal in variety of family cases and if there is any problem regarding the marriage registration procedure in Pakistan or if there is any issue regarding the divorce certificate in Pakistan you can contact Advocate Ali Shahzad. We can also have your court marriage Faisalabad done and get you back your haqmehar, Dowry and child custody. For any other issue also you can contact Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates.
FIA cases Lawyer

FIA cases

Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is specialized in variety of cases specially FIA and family cases. We have lawyer for FIA cases in Faisalabad and our FIA lawyer are very much competent. We are also specialized in field of family cases like Divorce in Pakistan, court marriage & online marriage in Islamabad or Faisalabad etc. Ali Shahzad is the best Advocate in Faisalabad who is equally experienced in FIA and family cases & is amongst the best FIA lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan
FIA lawyer in Faisalabad: The federal government of Pakistan have established FIA which is a federal investigation authority in Pakistan headed by Director general in federation and province. FIA have a special mandate in terms of special offence which is dealt by FIA. A schedule is given in FIA act 1974 which provides complete list of those offence in which FIA deals with. This list also includes offences under foreigners act, banking companies ordinance, Custom act, Foreign assets, Passport act, Drug act, Exit control ordinance, Human trafficking, National data base, Money laundering etc. FIA also have separate wings dealing with separate offences and each wing is specialized in their field. Normally the law is that the law enforcement agency first chalk an FIR and then investigate the matter but same is not the case with the FIA. FIA first investigate the matter then chalk an FIR and for the purpose of investigation the investigation officer of FIA send notices to the concerned party and get assistance from the other departments this is the reason that when a challan is submitted by the FIA in court it contains very few defects and the lawyer for FIA cases have to work very hard on the file. FIA in Pakistan also deals in cyber crime and now the cyber crime wing of FIA is very much vigilant and competent to trace the culprit and put the culprit behind the bars but many of the times an innocent person is also trapped. FIA also have a technical wing which can very easily get the record of finger prints, check signatures, examine documents, get access to the records and check the counterfeited documents. our law firm Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is very much competent in handling the cases of cyber crimes and help both the accused and the effected persons and we can provide the legal services to both the parties. So please contact the best FIA lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan
Family cases:- Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates not only deals in criminal cases like FIA or Police cases but also provide services in family matters such as if any one want to get divorce in Pakistan or is looking for court marriage services we can provide you the services. Court marriage also includes online marriage in Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan and in other cities of Pakistan. The female for khula or child custody can also contact us. One of the major issue in family case is the issue of dowry articles which is in the custody of husband and which he is not ready to return and the husband have the issue that some precious articles are in the custody of the wife which she is not ready to return, In this scenario husband can contact us to get the precious articles back through the court and the wife have the right to have her dowry articles back. Advocate Ali Shahzad is the best Advocate in Faisalabad who is an expert both in FIA and family cases.
CNSA cases lawyer


Description:- Advocate Ali Shahzad is the best Anti Narcotics lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan and family lawyer who can also guide you the Pakistani marriage registration or register marriage procedure for you.
Anti Narcotics:- In simple words anything causing intoxication is narcotics & a separate narcotics department is established by the government to arrest , Investigate and prosecute the accused arrested. The department dealing in arrest, Investigation and prosecution of accused is caused Anti-Narcotics force. Anti-Narcotic force is trained by Pakistani army and it comes under the control of Pakistan army. The punishments under the control of narcotics and substances act 1997 is very severe in nature and the act says that manufacturing, Import, Export, trafficking, financing or aiding the narcotics is punishable with death sentence and life imprisonment depending on the quantity of narcotics. The law on narcotics says that any person involved in the case of narcotics, The property of such person or his relatives, dependents or any other person will be seized. Due to this law of seizure of property some times those relatives who are not connected with the accused gets trapped by the anti-narcotics department and there property also gets seized but through a Anti Narcotics lawyer such person can file a case in the court and get your property back. A competent lawyer for anti narcotics can help the accused in getting bail and after a trial a anti narcotics lawyer can get the accused acquitted through the court. To get the accused acquitted from the court many things are taken in to the consideration and here is the test of a competent lawyer for anti narcotics. Evidence stage in the narcotics case is of very much importance in deciding the fate of the accused so the lawyer have to keep in front of the court each and every thing which supports the accused such as quantity of narcotics, examination report by chemist, facts mentioned in the FIR and it is the duty of the accused lawyer to cross examine the witnesses at his best to at least create the doubt in the mind of the judge as to the innocence of the accused. It is the duty of the prosecution from Anti Narcotics force to prove their case against the accused. Advocate Ali Shahzad is a specialist in the cases of narcotics and is the best Anti Narcotics lawyer in Faisalabad so if you are looking for an Anti Narcotics lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan you can contact Advocate Ali Shahzad
Family case: Azad Law Associates not only deals in cases of narcotics but Advocate Ali Shahzad is also an expert of family cases like court marriage etc and we can guide you the Pakistani marriage registration procedure or you can also avail our services to register marriage procedure in Pakistan. We have a helpful staff to provide you the services of family cases in a family type environment. Marriage in Pakistan is registered through a marriage registrar appointed by the court and the marriage gets registered through a lawyer who submits his power of attorney or wakalatnama and gets the process completed for you and also gets you a legal security from the court so that later on in future no one can challenge the marriage or get an FIR chalked against the spouse so you can contact us for this services also.

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Right for court marriage procedure in Pakistan of male and female of his or her own choice is a fundamental right and Pakistani laws provide complete legal protection to the spouse who comes for court marriage in Pakistan.  Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates is a pioneer law firm which provides legal services in terms of court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan and other cities of Pakistan. We also deal in foreign marriage in Pakistan and provide services to Pakistani Nationals / Foreign Nationals who wishes to marry in Pakistan or get their marriage registered in Pakistan. By law the marriage in Pakistan is a civil contract between husband and wife. Therefore the registration of court marriage in necessary and its non registration is considered to be a crime. We can get your court marriage registered and provide you with the marriage certificate in Pakistan as soon as one hour. The court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan takes about 2 to 3 hours and a complete legal protection is also …