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Criminal Cases

Criminal casesThere are different stages of a criminal cases in Pakistan. Once an FIR is registered the first stage for an accused is the stage of bail which is temporary concession to an accused by the court in the shape of release of accused till the disposal of case. There are few grounds on which the bail is granted so it is very important to get the services of a competent criminal lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan who can get accused the bail so that he may not live behind the bar till the conclusion of trial. In Pakistan there are many types of bail but generally there are two types of bails which is post arrest and the other is pre-arrest bail. After an FIR if the accused gets arrested he can apply for post arrest bail and if he is not arrested he can apply for pre-arrest bail. Advocate Ali Shahzad is the best criminal lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan so please feel free to contact the best lawyer for criminal cases in Faisalabad  Pakistan. One of the important issue nowadays is the r…